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Who We Are and What We Do

Cockrell and Associates, LLC was formed in 2011 as a network of experienced professionals in healthcare management. With experience in management, operations, strategic planning, marketing, revenue cycle management, coding, compliance, financial management and many other topics, we have the resources to support medical entities in the majority of issues faced by healthcare providers. Our capabilities and experience allow us to work with private medical groups, independent networks and hospital owned systems.

Strategic Planning

Our process involves a detailed review of your market using as many tools related to demographics, market opportunities, payer initiatives and the growing availability of cost and quality data. For example, our strategic partnership with RealTimeMD and RealScoreMD gives us access to detailed data concerning providers in local areas that we use in the analysis process. Using this type of analysis, we construct a strategic plan with options that are presented to the group. The objectives that fit the group the most are selected and the plan is finalized with an implementation plan and target dates for completion. Once implementation begins, to create accountability for implementation, we return at specified times to measure the status of individual objectives.

Operations Assessments

Today’s medical practices require a governance and management structure that is focused on operational and staffing efficiencies and the identification of appropriate delivery model opportunities. We can provide in depth analyses of all of these areas with detailed recommendations designed to help your practice succeed today, and in the future. Designed to augment existing management, we work with that team to assist in identifying and achieving goals. We provide access to tools and are available to support group identified objectives.

Medical Home and Other Delivery Model Design and Implementation

We are trained in the analysis and design of Patient Centered Medical Homes and other delivery models such as Accountable Care Organizations and Shared Savings models. Based on measurable quality and efficiency, your involvement in these programs may be essential for your long term success. We have the resources to help in these areas.

Practice Management and Recruiting

We provide interim and long term management solutions to medical groups. Whether it’s a group that needs interim support while looking for a permanent manager or someone to support existing management during times where their work load out strips their time, we can help. In addition, through our shared manager program, we can offer long term management support to most medical groups. If the practice desires a full time manager assigned just to them, we can recruit for those types of positions.

Revenue Cycle Management

We have consultants trained in revenue cycle management that can evaluate the effectiveness of your current systems and make recommendations to correct inefficiencies along with making sure you have the appropriate tools to manage this critical area. Using national benchmarks we can identify and report on strengths and weaknesses and assist in correcting any shortfalls. We also have coding experts who can come in and help identify and correct any weaknesses in these areas. Whether you have inside patient account services or are considering, or use, external services, we can help identify the most efficient options for you.

Information Technology

We are experienced in choosing and implementing electronic medical records. Cockrell and Associates, LLC consultants can help you in your decision process as you evaluate practice management and electronic medical record systems and provide ongoing advice and support. Picking the right system becomes more important every day as patients, other providers and payers (Medicare, commercial, etc.) are increasing their focus on results that you may be asked to provide. The best way to do this is to use the automation available to you to access and analyze your patient care results.

Facility Design and Construction

Through our strategic partners, we can provide services such as assessing existing facility strengths and weaknesses, support in correcting areas of weakness, or, if required, the location identification, financing, design and construction of a new facility.

Other Services

When it comes to medical practice management, and almost any related areas, we can call on our broad network of consultants to assist our clients. We are available to discuss your needs when you are ready.

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