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Strategic Planning

In today’s healthcare market, with rapidly changing payment models and delivery systems, planning on how to work in these environments has become more critical than ever if providers want to survive and thrive. In the delivery models of the future, patients will still be driven, to some extent, by referrals from family and friends. However, a major factor in the decision process will be knowledge about delivery networks patients can participate in, the quality of the providers involved and their cost efficiency.

This means is that the traditional methods of strategic planning such as market growth / changes, the location of competition and other local environmental features remain important. However, just as important is detailed knowledge about competition and those supporting providers whether they are providers who refer to your group or those to whom you refer, not to mention hospitals and other support systems. Again, this involves understanding quality, efficiency and costs to the overall healthcare system. This process is not one that can be down during a weekend retreat.

Our process involves a detailed review of your market using as many tools related to demographics, market opportunities, payer initiatives and the growing availability of cost and quality data. For example, our strategic partnership with RealTimeMD and RealScoreMD gives us access to detailed data concerning providers in local areas that we use in the analysis process. Using this type of analysis, we construct a strategic plan with options that are presented to the group. The objectives that fit the group the most are selected and the plan is finalized with an implementation plan and target dates for completion. Once implementation begins, we return at specified times to measure the status of individual objectives so that there is some measure of accountability for the overall implementation process.