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Strategic Partners

To augment the services we provide directly through Cockrell and Associates, LLC, we also partner with other companies in Strategic and Financial relationships. We will typically partner with more than one company in a service line to give our clients options based on their needs and desires. We are not limited to these companies but have a working relationship with them that allows us to monitor their ability to support our clients. In cases where there is a financial relationship between Cockrell and Associates, LLC and the independent company, we will always disclose that fact at the time their services are suggested. We will also work with existing support provides of or clients in any way we can. Our goal is to always provide our clients with the best support available. Some of our strategic partners are:

RealTimeMD™ / RealScoreMD™ - A unique services that captures Medicare claims data in a format where the information received can be used for a variety of projects including targeted marketing, referral analyses and comparisons with providers in specific markets.

BLOX – Giattina Aycock Design Studio has developed a state of the art building program using components produced off site in a controlled manufacturing plant environment. This company provides a building program from initial design to a move in ready facility, typically in less time and more operationally efficient than traditional building programs.

MedWorksRX – In the right situations, a pharmacy in a private practice setting makes sense. With specific expertise in this area, MedWorksRX provides support services ranging from the design and development of an in house pharmacy to contract management of staff and operations.

Novarus - High deductible health plans place greater burden on providers to collect patient balances at point of care. Providers lack precision in credit card process and pay higher fees than necessary and lack financial tools for best demonstrated collection reconciliation, and management of accounts. Staff is not trained in credit and debit card nuances to ensure lowest costs. Novarus provides the evaluation of credit and debit card processing opportunities, lower debit and credit card fees, and technology to manage the process on an ongoing basis. The result is a significant reduction in credit card transaction costs with savings realized immediately.

Transworld Systems – Transworld has been a Medical Group Management Association Adminiserv partner since 1988, Transworld provides healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivables, debt recovery and past due accounts.