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William F. Cockrell, FACMPE

Presentation Topics

About the Speaker - Bill Cockrell has been involved in medical practice management for over 30 years. He is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) and has his MBA from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and his BS in Accounting and Management from Samford University. His experience includes work with Primary Care and Specialty groups, hospital owned clinic networks and large multi and single specialty private practices. He is Past President of MGMA – Alabama and the Birmingham and Shelby / Chilton county local MGMA chapters and remains active in MGMA leadership. In March of 2011 he moved full-time into practice and network / delivery system consulting with his own company, Cockrell and Associates, LLC.

Opportunities in the New World of Healthcare Delivery Systems – Healthcare delivery models continue to change and, no matter what may happen in the future, no one can argue with an objective of high quality, low cost healthcare. Learn how to leverage the Accountable Care Act and other delivery model initiatives (Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, Share Savings, etc.) to help your practice thrive in an environment where results count.

Strategic Planning – Learn to take your ideas on where you want to be and develop a step by step business plan to get you where you want to go. Instead of a weekend meeting where you try to squeeze in a lot of ideas and make decisions in a limited amount of time, a long term plan deserves more attention. See how to use the nuances of your specialty, your practice and your market. Using that information, develop a number of fact based options for you to consider, including checkpoints to measure your progress.

Practice Assessments – No one is perfect. Whether large or small, this presentation shows you how to look at what you are doing day to day and find areas to improve. Included are ideas on how to communicate the good and the bad along with options to improve. Also included are ideas on where benchmarking can help, where to get the appropriate benchmarks and how to present the results.

Marketing Strategies for Primary Care, Specialty and Integrated Delivery System Practices - Communicating the direction and focus of your practice is an important part of educating existing and potential referring physicians and patients about the services you provide. That means specific, targeted and financially feasible marketing. This presentation gives ideas on how to design plans that include basic marketing to referring physicians to the use of social media to reach a broader population base. Included are ideas to not only focus on what you do, but how well you do from a cost effectiveness and quality standpoint.

Selecting and implementing Electronic Health Records – The selection process should include more than seeing presentations. You must also understand the dynamics and impact of office flow and daily operations have on which EHR you select. This presentation helps you through the selection process and also understanding the day to day implementation needs and process.

Confessions of a Long Time Practice Manager – Bill Cockrell has been involved in practice management for over 30 years. His experience includes large and small groups, single and multi specialties, hospital owned and independent practices. Hear what experience teaches you, understand the dynamics of a practice, how to handle the stress of managing multiple bosses and objectives and when to call for reinforcements.

Other topics – Additional topics that can be addressed include a broad range of management and practical medical group topics. These include dealing with difficult physicians / staff, facility design, communications and other management topics.

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