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Practice Management

For groups with limited management support or managers in transition, we can help those managers through active support and training. We can also provide outsourced (usually at a cost lower than doing it yourself) management in areas ranging from human resources, business office management and most other areas where traditional internal middle management support may not be cost effective.

We also provide interim and long term management services to medical groups of all sizes. In smaller groups, it is often not cost effective to hire a full time, experienced manager. By sharing a manager with other groups, a practice can often hire a more experienced manager at a lower cost than a full time manager. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, we try to work with multiple groups in an area where we can share managers. Not only does the group receive the benefits of an experienced manager, it also receives support from a wider network of advisors in areas such as human resource management, general operations, electronic medical records, strategic planning or just about any other aspect of management services.