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Practice Assessments

Even if you think things are running perfectly, it never hurts to have a third party look over things. The reality is, there is always room for improvement and, sometimes, we are too close to the situation to have an objective view. We can conduct practice reviews that focus on specific areas such as staffing or business office management to overall reviews of all aspects of a practice. Cockrell and Associates, LLC consultants can provide one-time operations reviews, develop operational dashboards, or provide ongoing advice. We work with a number of systems to access and review your information and then benchmark your results with similar organizations.

The fact is, many problems in medical groups are the result of governance, and communication issues. As an independent third party, we can come into an organization and address these issues in a realistic, independent manner. In addition, with our depth of experience we can help your existing managers with operational issues in addition to providing education and mentoring services for those managers.

At the completion of an assessment, we provide a written report with an independent assessment of issues and ideas on how to address those issues. As always, we can also assist with the implementation of identified plans of action