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Information Technology

We are experienced in choosing and implementing electronic medical records. Cockrell and Associates, LLC consultants can help you in your decision process as you evaluate practice management and electronic medical record systems and provide ongoing advice and support. Picking the right system becomes more important every day as patients, other providers and payers (Medicare, commercial, etc.) are increasing their focus on results that you may be asked to provide. The best way to do this is to use the automation available to you to access and analyze your patient care results.

Just as important as the selection process is the understanding of how the addition of data management systems, like EMR’s, can affect the success of the implementation process. We provide support staff, independent from those supplied by the vendor, to help in this process. We work for the provider and our goal is to make sure your objectives are defined and achieved. We also help with understanding how systems can be utilized to maximize their potential for patient care and quality tracking.

In addition to EMR’s, there is a growing array of networked information systems that can affect providers. These include interfaces with other providers, hospitals and ancillary services. Streamlining these processes make improved efficiency a very realistic and attainable objective. Once again, we work for the provider that hires us and our goal is to make sure the get the maximum benefit possible from an expensive part of your practice / facility.